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Process Facilities And Equipment


Our principal for oil & gas surface facilities 5Blue Process Equipment Inc., Canada, provides the oil and gas processing industry with high quality, custom engineered products worldwide. Focused on client performance, the team thrives on adding value by designing innovative solutions to meet technical and operational challenges. With a combined 200+ years of experience, the team of experts provides solutions for a diverse group of clients ranging from start-ups to the biggest oil and gas corporations globally.

Engineering & Design and Manufacturing on turnkey basis of:

  • 2/3-Phase Separator Packages
  • H2S and CO2 Removal Plants - Amine Sweetening, Molecular Sieve Sweetening & H2S Scavenger
  • Dehydration Plants
  • Hydrocarbon Dew-point Control
  • LPG/NGL Recovery Plants
  • N2 Recovery Units
  • Heater Packages
  • Gas Metering Packages
  • Flare & Ignition Systems
  • Oil Emulsion Treaters
  • Water Injection Systems
  • Chemical Injection Packages
  • Compression Packages


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